A collection of award ceremonies, drills, events and morale boosters from United States Naval Hospital Okinawa Japan. These are the salvaged images from a crashed hard drive. It was a heart breaking moment when the hard drive with this collection of images no longer responded when plugged into my computer. With the help of a few friends and some experts we managed to save some photos. I re-edited and indexed as many as I could and decided not to keep these wonderful memories all to myself. I made it possible for you to view and download the full resolution copy of any image. You can also purchase prints and other novelty items. These memories are priceless and I hope it warms your heart as much as it does mine.

As I continue to edit and search through all my backup drives I will be adding more albums to this collection.
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Airin-en Orphanage 14th December 2012Awards 06th June 2013CMC Smith PT 28th June 2013BEQ Barbecue 25th July 2013CFC Representatives Training 28th August 2013Awards 16th October 2013Holiday Ball 06th December 2013Re-enlistment 13th December 2013Bonner Frocking 25th February 2014Awards May 08th 2014Awards 12th June 2014Sailor Of The Year Awards 17th October 2014Halloween at the hospital  31st October 2014